Today’s world is full of economic and social inequalities. Industrialized countries are capable to finance and to use expensive cutting edge technologies. Technical innovations are easily assessed in developed countries through the acquisition of new infrastructure and equipment.


Now imagine you are a young researcher in a developing country. You have innovative ideas and  motivation to support the development of vaccines for malaria for instance. Unfortunately you lack of the necessary equipment, such as a microscope.


Biomedical research goes hand in hand with advanced technology. Without the use of cost-intensive laboratory equipment, the development of modern medicines is practically impossible. Developing countries often lack the financial resources to procure such laboratory equipment. Therefore they are limited in their possibilities to conquer the local health challenges with the help of science. Our vision is to support dedicated and talented scientists in such a situation described above.


Life Science companies in western world sort out outdated equipment from time to time. Such equipment are often simply scrapped. This is where we want to step in. We want to give equipment, which still function properly, an extended purpose in developing countries.


Our efforts will, so we hope, contribute to an improved quality of living in developing countries.