The board members of the foundation work voluntary. Donations are exclusively used for the purpose of the foundation. If you would like to support the commitment of Kuhner Foundation, you have the following options. You can either donate laboratory equipment or laboratory consumables or support us financially. Your contribution will improve the work conditions of the laboratories which receive your donation. In the name of equality and justice, we sincerely thank you for every donation.

    Donation of laboratory equipment:

    Do you want to sort out your outdated but still functional equipment? Instead of scrapping them you could donate them for charity. You save disposal costs, act sustainable and you help to improve the research in developing countries. Of course, new devices are gladly accepted as well.

    Please send us an email at

    Financial donation:

    As in many companies or voluntary institutions, our foundation has administrative costs to take care of. These costs are mainly related to repair and transport of the equipment. If you would like to support us financially, our bank details is as follows. We are grateful for any donation.

    Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank (BLKB)
    4410 Liestal

    Kuhner Foundation
    Dinkelbergstrasse 1
    4127 Birsfelden

    Account number: 4025.9178.2001
    IBAN: CH2700769402591782001